27. Juli 2020

Chamber of Deputies of Congress joined the Argentine Federal Blockchain

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In Argentina, the Chamber of Etoro joined the Argentine Federal Blockchain. This was reported through the twitter account of both that chamber and the BFA.

„The modernization process that the Chamber has been undergoing in recent times continues to consolidate. The certification of the Blockchain system for sessions and virtual commissions is another step in this process, providing maximum transparency and security,“ said from the Chamber of Deputies.

SatoshiTango clarified that it continues normally with the transactions of crypto-currencies in Argentina, including DAI

What is Blockchain Federal Argentina?

According to the official website, it is an open and participative multi-service platform designed to integrate services and applications on blockchain.

They claim that it is an auditable initiative that allows optimizing processes and that works as an empowerment tool for the whole community.

„Blockchain Federal Argentina was conceived within a collaborative work space, and aims to reproduce that pattern as the backbone of the platform. Designed to empower itself through the contributions of the public, private, academic and civil society sectors, BFA opts for a strategy where the participation of the entire community is essential, from organizational engineering to the deployment of infrastructure,“ they published on the website.

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„Following the multi-stakeholder model, Blockchain Federal Argentina maintains a governance model that ensures representation of all sectors in decision making. But being a public platform, its use will not be restricted to the organizations that participate in the consortium. The whole community has the doors open to participate in BFA. Individuals, agencies, institutions or companies from any sector interested in deploying applications and services taking advantage of all the platform’s features, or simply contributing to the first development of this kind in the country, can join the initiative and start participating,“ they also added.