10. April 2023

BendDAO Releases Detailed Financial Report: See How It’s Doing

Von admin
  • BendDAO has released a detailed financial statement of its operations on the first-year anniversary, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and risk measures.
  • The report shows BendDAO made an operating income of 929 ETH ($1.69 million at the time of writing) in its first year.
  • BendDAO’s goal is to provide full transparency for its community members by providing them with insights into its financial health.

BendDAO’s Financial Statement

BendDAO, the decentralized NFT-powered lending liquidity protocol, has published a detailed financial statement of its operations on the first-year anniversary of its launch. It was produced by NFTBank’s Unboxing Labs, and is being made available to any community member that’s looking for insights into BendDAO’s financial health.

Report Overview

The EDGAR-style report includes profit and loss statements, balance sheets and associated risk measures. The report shows that BendDAO made annual interest revenue of 3,097 ETH in its first year, with annual interest expenses of 2,168 ETH resulting in an operating income of 929 ETH ($1.69 million at the time of writing). BendDAO currently holds 63,000 ETH in liquidity and earns a 29.35% APR against a total borrowing rate of 21,342. Depositors can earn 7.81% APR. According to BendDAO’s report there is 34% utilization rate for their protocol. The report also details a breakdown of BendDAO’s cash reserves loans and NFTs on their books which includes those that are escrowed transferred or deposited as well as their equity..

Purpose Of Report

The purpose behind publishing this detailed statement is to ensure full transparency around the DAOs finances to any potential user who may want more information in order to make informed decisions before using the protocol instead relying solely on metrics such as total value locked or APR which has been known to be misleading at times according to Bend DAOs own reports.

Benefits To Community Members

As mentioned above community members have access to this data so they can make educated decision about whether or not they would like use the protocol . This type if transparency gives users peace mind knowing that all operations are fair ,safe and accurate . It also shows other potential investors how secure their investment could be through understanding what kind returns one can expect from investing in such capital pools .


In conclusion , it appears that Bend DAOs commitment towards openness has paid off by releasing this EDGAR style report . With this data , potential users now have access to more information so they can better decide whether or not they wish proceed with using the protocolas well as giving insight into how much return one could expect when investing through capital pools within this platform .